Topics: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Sociology Pages: 6 (2528 words) Published: March 25, 2015
Rui Lin
Prof. Swid
Fall 2014 - M01 - International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior Assessment A1
October 15, 2014

Cross-cultural Communication

Communication is the process of speaking, writing by which people exchange information or express their thoughts and feelings. And cross-cultural communication means communication between the people which speaks different language and cultural backgrounds.

Q: what are the barriers to effective cross-cultural communication?

The main characteristic of cross-cultural communication is the diversity. It is the process that mix of the different perceptions, values, norms, beliefs and attitudes from the people which is different cultural backgrounds into the communication. The key factor in the impact of cross-cultural communication is cultural similarities and differences, some information from the different culture always be understood that accordance with their own cultural background and decide by the own cultural background. Because of cultural differences, the people from different cultural background may experience the "Culture Shock" when they communicated with other guys, also known as "Cultural Conflict." The "Culture Shock" will lead to cross-cultural communication barriers. ① Cognitive factors

When people with the different cultural backgrounds exchange the information, they often lead the barriers of cross-cultural communication on a cognitive level, it will hindering the establishment of good relationships between each other. Barriers of Cross-cultural communication caused by cognitive factors are: (1) similar-to-me effect: From the communicator point of view, regardless of different culture or scene, people always assume that other guys have the similar way of thinking and behavior. The frame of reference in according to their own cultural norms and standard to assess another guys which in different culture the way of thinking and behavior is very common. In fact, the difference between people is exist. (2) First impressions are strongest: people become stereotypes and create the cognition through the mass media. Under the asymmetric information situation, it will easily lead to barriers of cross-cultural communication by discriminatory mass media and result in first-in effect and the halo effect and seriously affect the quality of communication between different people, even will hinder the communication.

② values
Values represent the fundamental belief: Different cultural backgrounds have their own different values, even within the same culture. People's values ​​are not the same. Do not understand each other's values, will inevitably result in cross-cultural communication barriers. For example, the cultural values of collectivism and individualism, the culture of collectivist emphasizes harmony communities and groups, means closing to the social and stronger interdependence, but the culture of individualistic emphasizes self and personal achievement, it loose to social relations and collective, weak in the interdependence. ③ Linguistic factors and Non-linguistic factors

Different languages comes ​​from different cultures, each language has its unique cultural connotation. In cross-cultural communication, the diversity and complexity of the language is the main cause of communication barriers. Beside the language level, there are also obstacles in the non-language level. In the process of cross-cultural communication, people use more non-verbal forms of communication, and different countries with different cultural backgrounds of non-verbal communication preferences. ④ Legal norms and custom

Legal norms is a mandatory code of conduct, it is usually developed or recognized by the country and ensure to implement by the agency of the country. Due to different national legal norms guiding system is not the same as the theoretical basis and legal norms in different countries and therefore are not compatible with each other, even...
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