About ohio chesterland community

Topics: Educational psychology, Hygiene, Gifted education Pages: 2 (258 words) Published: April 22, 2014
D.Elimination( environmental health concerns)(Roopneet)
common air contaminant impact on the community in Ohio Chesterland. •Noise in Ohio Chesterland
wast disposal in Ohio chesterland
pest control: is the community notified of pesticides usage? •hygiene practices(laundry services, hand washing, in Ohio Chesterland etc. •bathrooms:public bathroom Number of bathrooms in Ohio Chesterland: inspect for cleanliness, supplies if possible in Ohio Chesterland. •Universal precaution practices of health providers, teachers, members if applicable in Ohio Chesterland. •temperature controls(e.g within buildings, outside shade structures) in Ohio Chesterland •safety( committee security guards, crossing guards, badges, locked campuses) in ohio chesterland. F. Sleep/rest (Roopneet)

sleep routines/hours of your community: compare with sleep hour standards (from National Institute of Health(NIH) in Ohio Chesterland. •indicators of general "restedness" and energy level in Ohio Chesterland s. •Facors affecting sleep in Ohio Chesterland:

1.shift work prevalence of community members
2.environment (noise, lights, crowding, etc.)
3.consumption of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and drugs in Ohio Chesterland. 4.homework/extracurricular activitie in Ohio Chesterland s. 5.health issues in Ohio Chesterland.
G. Cognitive/perceptual (Roopneet)
Primary language: is this a communication barrier in Ohio Chesterland? •educational levels: for geopolitical communities, use http://www.census.gov and compare the city in which your community belongs with the national statistics in Ohio Chesterland. •Opportunities/programs in Ohio Chesterland:

1.educational offerings( in-services, continuing education, GED, etc) 2.educational mandates( yearly in-services, continuing education, English learners, etc. 3.special education programs, ( learning disabled, emotionally disabled, physically disabled and gifted.) 4.library or computer/Internet resources and usage.

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