Academic Performance: Why Do Students Study Lessons at Coffee Shop?

Topics: Educational psychology, Learning, Instructional design Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Ma. Teresa E. Blanco
12:00-1:00 Friday
Research Topic: Why do students nowadays prefer to study at the coffee shop even thou crime incidents in Davao City are rampant. Research Objectives:
General: This study aim to determine why students nowadays prefer to study at the coffee shop even thou crime incidents in Davao City are rampant.
Specific: It specifically seeks to answer the following question: 1. What’s with the coffee shop why students nowadays love to study there? 2. Is studying at the coffee shop effective to a student o have a higher grade? 3. Is the students never afraid in studying at the coffee shop even thou crime are rampant? Summary of theoretical framework:

Enhancing meaningful learning by integrating technology into instructional design is central to this project. The most influential theory associated with this process is the cognitive theory of multimedia learning proposed by Mayer (1997). It is based on the theory that humans have two ways or “channels” of processing information; auditory and visual, otherwise known as the dual-channel assumption. By leveraging both of these means, and by building connections between multiple representations of the same information, meaningful learning is more likely to occur (Mayer, 1997; Moreno & Mayer, 2003).Another important contribution to theory about learning with technology is the modality principle, closely related to the cognitive theory of multimedia learning. It postulates that using multiple modalities when presenting information leads to more learning transfer. Importantly, it also focuses on cognitive load, or the amount of information that can be processed and held in the working memory before loss of information occurs. Cognitive overload is often an impediment to retaining information and according to Moreno & Mayer (2003) can be managed by using specific instructional design principles. These theories and principles are the theoretical basis why a student...
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