Activities For Summer Vacation

Topics: Amusement park, Cedar Point, Temple in Jerusalem Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: February 19, 2014
Summer project
Everyone waits for summer vacation to enjoy going to different places every year. I also went to three different places this summer and enjoyed a lto by doing different fun activities. People do different fun activities by playign, visiting historical places, parks, etc and many go with family friends. I went to three different , wonderful places and they were camel beach water park, dorney park, and a hindu temple. The first wonderful place I visited during summer vacation was camel beach water park. The day before visiting the water park I was so excited. It was my first experience in an American water park. My family was family happy because they enjoyed sitting in different rides as the water splash over them. The park was organized perfectly with many rides of different shapes and sizes. The rides were not only enjoyable but also enjoyed eating spicy foods, desserts, burgers, etc., because they were new to us. This day was not the only memorable part of my summer vacation; I also did another fun activity at a different place which created more memories for my family and me. The second exciting day during summer vacation was at dorney park. It was my second American experience at water park but my first experience to sit in fast- moving roller coasters. In this park there were not only water rides but also roller coasters. There were many people, and the parking area was almost full by 10:00 A.M. We went the last Sunday of summer vacation. It was a cool day as the skies were cloudy with a few showers. While there we had to stand in a long line at each of the eight roller coasters. We sat on every water ride and roller coaster because we had a lot of time. We travelled in a small train whose horn was hurtting my ear. These were not the only two activities that were fun for me; I also visited a Hindu temple. Visiting a Hindu temple was also a fun activity during my summer vacation. Different people believe in different religious like...
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