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Advantages of Learning by Development

Table of Contents

2.1Broader Objectives of LBD4
2.2The main objectives of LBD can be broken down as follows5 2.3The Focus of LbD5
3Advantages of LbD6
3.1The investigative approach6
3.2New culture of learning6
3.3Collaborative learning6
3.9Regional Development8
3.10Motivation and Evaluation Method8
3.11Entrepreneurial Culture8
3.12Change the traditional learning method8
4List of Pictures9


Learning by Developing (LbD) is an instructional and communal approach which is formulated in the research and development process. This process constructively and incrementally develops into the presented framework of proactive learning culture, applied research and development projects. It comes through social interaction, knowledge and competence sharing, researching and problem solving.

The pedagogical and communal strategy for LBD can be described briefly as Learning by Developing (LBD), it is a development based learning that uses authenticity, partnership, experimental and research oriented creative approaches. These approaches require teachers, students, professionals, researchers, organizers and policy makers to generate real work life based ideas, thoughts and knowledge through equal participation, coordination and contribution by individual and all of the groups.

Figure 1: Learning by Development through participating all groups


Broader Objectives of LBD

Learning by Developing (LbD) is a new operating model that has been innovated by Laurea UAS. This model is based on authenticity, partnership, creativity, experimental nature as well as investigative & research based learning approach. The goal of the LBD model is to focus on real developing of working life, research, generic competences and producing new knowledge in collaboration with students, teachers and contacts from work life. This model strongly emphasizes the sharing of knowledge, communal reflection and the organization of conceptual knowledge.

Figure 2: objectives of Learning by Development

The main objectives of LBD can be broken down as follows

* Creating, refining and commercializing a new product
* Developing and renewing operating processes
* Developing new operating models
* Developing a new working culture

The Focus of LbD

* Establish working life based Research & Development
* Professional research, innovations, new knowledge, products and processes * Serving the whole community as well as Regional Development * Implementation and execution of ideas, thoughts & innovations * World work based services and small medium entrepreneurs.

Advantages of LbD

The investigative approach

The investigative approach is closely tied up to the development of a project. The learning and competence of the individual and the community is proven through investigation, as are the effectiveness and results of the development project. The significance of investigation and responsibility in the role of the research arises particularly in situations where participants are describing their conceptions on what the process should ideally be like and how responsibilities should be shared.

New culture of learning

* LbD systematically seeks answers to problems that require new knowledge to be solved. * The core of the LbD model is formed by object-oriented work, which means that learning focuses on genuine development of the world of work.

* LbD signifies learning based on real life, an investigative approach and face-to-face encounters, leading to innovations. * Learning has a clear objective and takes place through the process of generating new competence. * Research oriented approach,...

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* Cowdroy, R.M. 1994. Concepts, Constructs and Insights: the Essence of Problem- Based Learning. In S.E. Chen, R.M. Cowdroy, A.J. Kingsland & M.J. Ostwald (Eds.): Reflections on Problem-Based Learning. Sydney, Australia: PBL Network.
* Katariina Raij-2007, Director of Well Life Center, Laurea University of Applied Sciences
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