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Global Attractions Attendance Report

Credits TEA/AECOM 2013 Theme Index: The Global Attractions Attendance Report Publisher: Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) Executive Editor: Gene Jeffers Research: Economics practice at AECOM Editor: Judith Rubin Publication team: Natalia Bakhlina, Beth Chang, Linda Cheu, Alisa Cohen, Daniel Elsea, Gene Jeffers, Kathleen LaClair, Jodie Lock, Ben Martin, John Robinett, Judith Rubin, Brian Sands, Matt Timmins, Chris Yoshii ©2013 TEA/AECOM. All rights reserved. Contacts For information about TEA: Judith Rubin,, T: +1 314 853 5210 Gene Jeffers,, T: +1 818 843 8497 For information about AECOM’s Economics team and the report: John Robinett Senior Vice President, Economics T: +1 213 593 8785 Natalia Bakhlina Associate Director, Europe T: +44 20 3009 2278 Chris Yoshii Global Director, Asia T:+852 3922 8000 Brian Sands, AICP Vice President, Economics + Planning T: +1 202 821 7281

Global Attractions Attendance Report

The definitive annual attendance study for the themed entertainment and museum industries. Published by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) and the Economics practice at AECOM.


The BIG pIcTure
Optimism and economic recovery, Asia starts to pull ahead of North America, and Museums join the mix.


List of figures 2012 TheMe INDeX Worldwide 1 Top 10 theme park groups worldwide 2 Top 25 amusement/theme parks worldwide 3 Top 20 water parks worldwide Americas 4 Top 20 amusement/theme parks in North America 5 Top 10 amusement/theme parks in Latin America 6 Top 20 water parks in North America Asia-Pacific 7 Top 20 amusement/theme parks in Asia-pacific 8 Top 15 water parks in Asia-pacific Europe 9 Top 20 amusement/theme parks in europe 2012 MuSeuM INDeX 10 11 12 13 Top 20 museums worldwide Top 20 museums in North America Top 20 museums in Asia-pacific Top 20 museums in europe


2012 TheMe INDeX
Americas Asia-pacific europe

23 35 45

13 14–17 18–21 28–29 30–31 32–33 40–41 42–43

2012 MuSeuM INDeX 52
Americas Asia-pacific europe
About this study About TeA and AecOM

60 62 64
66 67


57–59 60–61 62–63 64–65



The BIG pIcTure
Optimism and economic recovery, Asia starts to pull ahead of North America, and Museums join the mix In broad strokes, what kind of a year did the global theme park/water park industry have in 2012? The european, Asian, and North American major operators all had a successful year with an average attendance increase of 6.7% at the top ten global operators. In Asia and North America attendance was strong, with Asia up roughly 6% and North America 3%. europe, which is still in recession, experienced softer numbers. It is our view that, given the economic conditions, theme parks have done a good job this year in maintaining single digit growth in major markets. The market in North America was, this year as last year, driven by major reinvestment at major operators’ parks. Last year, Orlando led the way with The Wizarding World of harry potter at universal Studios Florida. This year, it was Southern california, with substantial increases at Disney california Adventure (where additions included cars Land) as well as universal Studios hollywood (which added Transformers: the ride 3-D).

Interview with John Robinett Senior Vice President, Economics

Global increase in attendance to theme parks from 2011


The European, Asian and North American major operators all had a successful year. In Asia there has been double digit growth on the part of leading international and domestic operators. hong Kong Disney and universal Studios Japan were up 14%. Lotte World, chimelong and other major parks saw tremendous growth as well. europe’s theme parks experienced, for the most part, some small gains and some small losses,...
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