African Actions Dbq

Topics: Scramble for Africa, Ethnic groups in Africa, Africa Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: May 12, 2013
African Actions DBQ
During the late 1800s, Africa was put under immense pressure by the European powers as they scrambled to take over African territory. They were shoved into a corner and had limited options of getting out. One thing they refused to do was give in to the elites that were trying to overcome them. Africa as a whole reacted in three ways; diplomatically- as in respectively declining the Europeans offer and not giving up their land, violently- by fighting with what little firearms they had against the extremely advanced guns their opponents had, and in desperation- seeing no other option and no better way to get out so reacting in ways that were unexpected like women fighting and believing in a saving spirit that could protect them. These tactics worked for some African nations better than others, but in most cases the nation was still taken over in the end.

At the beginning of Europeans scramble for Africa, the chiefs of the different African nations felt that they could solve this whole situation diplomatically. Europe tried to just take over the African government easily and painlessly, but the African nations refused to just let them take over. The British government tried to administer a standardized form to all areas around the Niger River and for the Royal Niger Company. This form would ensure that Europe would have control of the lower Niger River. The form stated that “the Royal Niger Company bind themselves not to interfere with any of the native laws or customs of the country” (1). They say that they will stay out of all African affairs but they really did not. Because of this, an Ashanti leader responded by saying “I am pleased to announce that we have arrived at the conclusion that my kingdom of Ashanti will never commit itself to any such policy” (2). The Ashanti nation wants to stay friendly with the British, but they don’t want to be controlled by them. The Ethiopian nation responded very similarly and said, “Since the...
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