African American History Notes 1

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African American History
Dr. Abel A. Bartley
Hardin 108

African American History 1492-1877
•  Africa
•  African is the second largest continent in the world at 12 million square miles it takes up 20 percent of the
earth’s surface. It is three times larger than continental US, which is 3,615,102 miles and six times larger than
Europe which is 1,906,176 miles. It is surrounded by
several islands It has four major lakes, 13 major rivers
and borders nearly all of the world’s major water routes.
•  Africa has deserts, plains, tropical forest, mountains, and islands.
•  The people are divided into five major ethic linguistic groups.
•  Afro-Asiatics (North Africa), Nilotics, (East African), Bantu (Central Africa), Khoisan (South Africa),
Malagasy (Malayo-Polynesian: Madagascar), there are
also many groups that populate West Africa.

African American History 1492-1877
•  Africa 15th Century
•  A multicultural area based on geographical setting
•  North: Berbers a Muslim peoples. Muslims are
adherents to Islam a religion started by Muhammad in
the 7th century. African Muslims had created citystates, which were engaged in a lucrative trade that extended to India, the Moluccas, (Northern
Indonesia), and China.
•  There was cultural exchange, which had created a new
culture called the Swahili culture. The trade across the
eastern Mediterranean, the Far East and Central Asia
became known as the Silk Road. This Silk Road trade
created a mixed culture which combined African,
Asian and Indonesian culture.
•  The Berbers controlled the North African trade from
700-900 AD. They connected the Middle East, Asia,
and Southern Europe to West Africa.

African American History 1492-1877
•  Africa 15th Century
•  African Interior: South of the Mediterranean lay the
Sahara and Libyan desert. This area is almost completely
waterless, but served as an important highway for
transporting religious and cultural ideas. There were a
number of peoples speaking a variety of languages living
•  Below the Gulf of Guinea the grassy landscape came to be dominated by the Bantu people. The Bantu left
Nigeria 2000 years earlier. They slowly migrated South
and East conquering the Pygmies and San. Most of the
Africans who came to America came from the Guinea
region. It was a land of tropical forest and small-scale
•  This area had been inhabited thousands of years before the Europeans arrived. During the 11th century many of
the regions inhabitants had converted to Islam.

African American History 1492-1877
•  Africa 15th Century
•  In the Upper guinea the so-called Rice
Coast, Gambia, Senegal, and Guinea the
people fished and farmed rice in the
•  To the South was the grain region
(Freetown, Sierra Leon) It was a lightly
populated area with only one harbor. The
people farmed and raised livestock. Both of
these regions supplied large numbers of
slaves to the Americas.
•  Most of the slaves who came to North
America came from Lower Guinea. Most
came from the Cape Palmas region.

African American History 1492-1877
•  A flourishing trade existed between Upper
Guinea and the Mediterranean Muslims.
•  Europeans traded salt, dates, silk, and cotton
•  Africans traded ivory, gold, and slaves. The
slaves were generally household servants,
prisoners of war, or criminals. After a war the
Africans would generally keep the women and
small children but because of the possible threat
they posed men were generally sold away into
slavery. Upper-class Middle Eastern traders
wanted African slaves to serve as household
•  Three Kingdoms ruled Africa from 900-1600
Ghana, 900-1100, Mali, 1300-1400, & Songhay

African American History 1492-1877
•  Ghana 900-1100 Western African Kingdom
•  They were a an agricultural peoples until long droughts destroyed their crops. They also had animals like,
sheep, cattle, and other animals....
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