African and Asian Changes Due to the European Imperialism

Topics: British Empire, Slavery, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: February 29, 2012
1. Examine the social changes that occurred in Asia and Africa due to European Imperialism: Before the imperialism, Africa and Asia ruled on their own terms, and were internally self-sufficient. European conflict within Africa and Asia was limited, except where Europe had set up new ports, two new states and where Boer farmers gained more territory in Africa. Although, during and after the imperialism, Europe had conquered most of Africa and Asia’s continents after battles for power. Overall, the European Imperialism had a big impact on both Asia and Africa by creating new political elements, and developed a large, unfair economy for most. Europeans had no respect for basic African beliefs and the imperialism had led to destruction of basic African traditional values and destroyed many of their social relationships within their nation. Africans and Asians were forced to adapt to European rulers. The nation’s disagreements with European rule developed strongly after the nineteenth century.

2. Describe and analyze the changes in the labor systems in Africa during the era of 1750-1900: By 1750, African slave trading was a big deal as they were being sold into the thirteen colonies legally. About 12 million Africans were sold into the America’s by the 18th century, when slave trade hit its peak. Though, when the industrial revolution began, only five percent of Britain’s economy was based on African slave trade. In 1807, there was an act that abolished African slave trade and by 1833 there was an act that was passed to make slavery illegal all throughout the British Empire. Then, in 1834, the British Emancipation Act freed all slaves in the British colonies.
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