African People and Human Experience

Topics: Africa, African people, Caribbean Pages: 3 (563 words) Published: March 3, 2013
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* Social Structures, Governance, Ways of Knowing, science and Technology, Movement and Memory, Cultural Meaning-Making * -How do we undertake the study of the African experience? -How did Africans preserve and affirm their way of life and use their identities as a means to resist enslavement? -What are some of the similarities and differences in practices of self-determination of Africans in the U.S. and their counterparts throughout the hemisphere? -How did Africans begin to conceptualize unity in thought and action beyond national boundaries in the face of European and American imperialism? -How did Africans make sense of and participate in international developments? -What organizations, ideologies and leaders did Africans create and engage in the 20th century to promote and advance their liberation? * Mbongi: a physical and intellectual space, or ‘common shelter’ which constitutes many traditional African functions * Be Present Read and Write Speak to Mekhet

What Black Studies is Not
* This tradition is notable for emerging out of a pre-existing constellation of African intellectual work, shaped by millennia of migration, adaptation, and improvisation. * ???
* The same type of broad envisioning of the human experience that has long informed the intellectual posture of other societies (including the West) as an ideational construct. * to ask and answer the fundamental questions of human existence and to leverage answers by drawing first on the most familiar, richest and most accessible deep well of human experience, namely the one native to the cultural arc out of which one emerges as a human being and as a custodian to the received inscriptions of the group, as a “representative thinker.” * ???

* The Black Radical Tradition Approach, The Emic/Etic Approach, The Alternative Epistemology Approach, The Unbroken Genealogy Approach, and The Sui Generis (Modern) Approach * Defenders of the African...
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