Alchemy vs Chemistry

Topics: Chemistry, Chemical element, Alchemy Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: September 17, 2013
Alchemy vs. chemistry
Some people think that chemistry is just about mixing things up and experimenting in test tubes and explosions. Actually chemistry studies everything around us and how they change, for example it tells what your body is made out of. We study chemistry in biology, geology, engineering, and even physics. Chemistry is the science of matter, and how it changes and its chemical reactions, it's also called as the central science ( the main one) because it connects physics with other sciences. Chemistry is important because it explains the world around you, it explains how food changes when you cook it and how it rots. Chemical reactions occur when you breathe, eat, or even setting down watching the T.V. Chemistry was discovered by a Greek man called Leucippus in the fifth century BC. He came up with the idea that the world was made up of atoms or voids. His student Democritus further refined this idea of the atom and improver the theory so it can make more sense. On the other hand many people did not believe in chemistry and Democritus' theory. Alchemy, it's a form of chemistry that was studied in the middle ages, which was concentrating about trying to change a normal metal into gold. It's the power to change or create things in a way which seems mysterious and magical. It also involves the discovery of panacea, and the proportions of the elixir of immortality and living forever. Aristotle was another Greek philosopher who had a completely different theory than the one with the atoms. He though that all matters are made up of four elements and they are: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. By physically manipulating the proportions of the elements, matter can be changed from one to another. This idea was known as transmutation, and the main goal of it is to transfer ordinary metal into gold. Aristotle did not have a proof for his theory However, because he was trusted and respected this idea has been for 2000 years even though they were wrong, and...
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