American History to 1865 Study Guide

Topics: Colonialism, British Empire, Slavery Pages: 5 (619 words) Published: August 30, 2012
25 questions will be chosen from the list of the following 61 topics. 3 points are required for each topic. Read the question alone very carefully; be aware of what exactly he is asking for. 1. Migrations of indigenous peoples from Asia

2. Indigenous peoples’ population numbers around 1492/tribal diversity

3. Domestication of corn by Mexican indigenous peoples/Cahokia

4. Virgin soil epidemics vs. warfare deaths in demise of indigenous peoples

5. European ideas of Paradise

6. European ideas of Wilderness

7. Preindustrial peoples views of nature, weather, and time

8. Preindustrial peoples agriculturally-oriented holidays

9. The Columbian Exchange: effects of European, Asian, and African animals on the Americas

10. The Columbian Exchange: effects of European, Asian, and African plants on the Americas

11. The Columbian Exchange: effects of American plants on Europe, Asia, and Africa.

12. African contribution of rice to America

13. European ideas about gold

14. The role of fish in attracting Europeans to North America

15. Spanish conquest of Aztec Empire/reasons for

16. Spanish legal ideas involved in conquest: emcomienda, requerimiento, adelantado

17. Coronados expedition to what is now American Southwest: findings and effects

18. Soto’s expedition to what is now American Southeast: findings and effects

19. Spanish settlement of Texas Province

20. Spanish settlement of what is now New Mexico

21. Spanish settlement of what is now southern Arizona

22. Spanish settlement of Alta California

23. Pope’s Revolt 1680/Reconquista

24. French fur trade empire: extensiveness and relations with indigenous peoples

25. Roles of voyageurs, coureurs de bois, and Jesuits in French fur empire

26. The French CrescentL dimensions of the French fur and fish empire

27. Dutch settlement in New Netherland

28. Reasons delaying England from establishing an American empire

29. Jamestown: reasons for near failure of colony

30. Jamestown: reasons for success of colony/boomtown concept/tobacco repercussions

31. Separatist colony at Plymouth/Thanksgiving stereotypes versus actualities

32. Puritans colony at Boston: Reasons for establishing

33. Puritans colony at Boston: Level of religious toleration

34. Dissent in Massacjisetts: Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson

35. Expansions of British colonies: New Hampshire, New York

36. Expansions of British colonies: The Jerseys/William Penn & Philadelphia

37. Expansions of British colonies: Maryland/Carolinas

38. Expansions of British colonies: Georgia

39. 17th Century rebellions: Bacons and King Phillips War

40. The Glorious Revolution in America

41. Reasons for Salem Witchcraft Scare of 1692-1693

42. Indentured Servitude

43. Slavery: West African societies

44. Slavery: reasons for British slavery expansion

45. Slavery: the Middle Passage

46. Slavery: formation of an African-American culture/Gullah and Geeche

47. Slavery: Rebellions (passive and active) New York riots 1712/1741/Stono River Revolt of 1739

48. British colonial trade regulations/”salutary neglect”

49. Colonial Culture: Material culture

50. Colonial Culture: Women’s roles/coverture/deputy hasnads/equilty massages

51. Colonial Culture: Religion/ Great Awakening of 1734-50

52. Colonial Culture: Immigration

53. Colonial Culture: Science/e enlightenment/vaccination debate

54. Colonial Culture:Cities and Towns: attractions and problems

55. Lifecycle history: Childbirth, childrearing, courtship, marriage, divorce, elderliness, death customs

56. Wars for Empire: Indigineous peoples involvement in Euroamerican wars

The following refer to After The Fact (ATF) selections: (Each are historical thinking questions) 57....
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