Topics: United States, American Civil War, Slavery in the United States Pages: 4 (1444 words) Published: July 19, 2013
The movie "Amistad" is based on a true story. This tells us the story about some African slaves who were sold by their own countrymen to acquire weapons and money. During the time of translation to Spain, the crews rebels and kill almost all their Spanish captors. African slaves took charge of the crew to return to their homes, but they were discovered by American troops, who taken them as prisoners leading them to United States to determine what they would do with them. Upon arrival the slaves to America, it was decided that these should go to court for murder and piracy and keep them in prison. In the first court appear different characters claiming the right to these slaves, treating them as property and not as human beings. But an opponent of slavery Mr. Joadson, a ex U.S. President named John Adams, an attorney at law Mr. Baldwin, and a wealthy man and owner of several businesses and banks named Mr. Tappan, joined forces to free these slaves. Although it was difficult to get evidence to free the African slaves because of the language difference, they gathered enough evidence to make clear that these slaves had been bought illegally and they were not Cubans but Africans. With this evidence they won the case. The current president of that time named Van Buren changed the judge to treat the United States v African Slaves case to recover it and see a different response, but the result was the same; freedom to the slaves. Once again the President of the United States took the case but to the superior court where the ex-President John Adams and Mr. Baldwin's attorney at law, had a resounding success with the decision that these Africans were not property, they were human beings that had certain rights and could decide where they wanted to go. Cinque, the leader of the African tribe, thanked strongly the support these characters give it to him and to his tribe. Finally, Cinque followed in crew to free other slaves who resided in Spain to then return to home....
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