Amistad Ethnic Relations in America

Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, History of slavery Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Soc/His 340 Ethnic Relations in America
Amistad was a very touching film about the struggle that the Africans faced during the slave trade. As we have talked about in class watching these movies in the light of the class is very impactful. I originally watched this movie as part of a history class. I watched in as a series of events that impacted the civil war nothing more nothing less. Now as I watched it again in light of the class the Amazing Grace, I started seeing the relation between why things progressed the way they did in the case. Because of this events set forth by William Wilberforce we see the illegality of acquiring new slaves from Africa, and how they were smuggled into the country.

Side noting to our discussion in class about the progression of social acceptance. Where we see progression through our history slowing getting a little better and better and how in each laying category it branched from one event to the other, we see the events from William Wilberforce affecting that of the abolition in the United States. Wilberforce in my opinion was the starting catalyst that changed the history of slavery as an economic dependence. Without his acts in parliament to abolish slavery in England the men and women of the Amistad very well be put right back into slavery. It was what Wilberforce had the courage to stand against that fueled the change around the world.

One aspect of the movie that I thought was well thought out and impactful was the fact that when the Mende spoke there were no subtitles. There was that barrier between the audience and the people of the Mende. This gave that audience the perspective that the Americans of that time had. It stove to show how easy it is to dehumanize a person because you cannot understand what they say. To people of that time the language of the Mende sounded nothing more then grunts and groans. It is not till the Roger Boldwin and the other people understand what they are...
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