Amistad Movie Review

Topics: Slavery, Steven Spielberg, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: August 18, 2013
Amistad Movie Review

A film about history, set in 1839. When a slave ship illegally tries to transport 53 slaves from Africa to the east coast of the USA, the ship owner messes up. Two slaves are set to court to prove that they are from Africa. By this time period, slave transporting form Africa is illegal. This movie tells the tale of the African Cinque. He doesn’t speak English so proving himself proves difficult. Steven Spielberg really has made a masterpiece. Perfecting the language in this film was nothing easy to do. Being set in the 1800's, their language and dialect was very different from today or even from when this movie was made. Lighting, cast, word play, and even the background played a very important role. Without all this we would not get the feel like we were really there. The film really makes you feel as if you are there, experiencing everything for yourself. This story starts out in Africa with a slave ship. The owners capture 53 Africans and begin to transport them to America. The owners trick Cinque and another slave tho believe they are returning to Africa. But really, they are going to become slaves. On their way to America they were stopped by the us navy. Then they were taken to court. But how do they prove their innocence? They don’t understand English. Spielberg makes this movie an amazing suspense by keeping the viewer hooked. Not knowing what will happen next, it will keep you watching. Does Cinque prove his innocence? Or will him and his fellow Africans become slaves forever? He perfectly captures the true American court for what it is. The process takes a long time to prove anything and that’s what makes this film so suspenseful. The communication problem between Cinque and Roger Baldwin, played by Matthew McConaughey, is what causes the frustration between the actors and the audience. The audience knows he is innocent but neither they nor Roger Baldwin know how to prove it. This is an amazing film for everyone. It gives you a...
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