Amusment Park Job

Topics: Roller coaster, Amusement park, Coney Island Pages: 3 (981 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Amusement Park Operations Manager
A ride host has given you the all clear, the train begins to a ascend slowly up the mammoth 200ft steel mountain, your heart begins to race, you struggle to catch a breath as you are aware of the many twists and turns that are presumed to follow as you creep your way over the ominous peak. Life in many ways can be alluded to the adrenaline rush of racing on a roller-coaster. To experience that rush on a daily basis and you become the driving force behind what makes these chaotic machines of terror and excitement operate with such grace and cohesion would be much more than a career. The role of park manager can be a very difficult and stressful position, but the daily compensation is much more that can be put in a bank account. I will be discussing the job description, requirements, work conditions and prospects of this position. Job Description

A theme park manager works in a very dynamic environment and this job requires a vast assortment of responsibilities and tasks that are mainly influenced by the size of the park you are managing. Managing a smaller park, such as Coney Island, would entail much less complexity in everyday operations in comparison to a larger park, such as Cedar Point, but would be just as rewarding and present its own challenges. Although vast and varying based on a particular parks values and needs, Brad Thomas director of operations at Silver Dollar City Branson MI states the position description as “Directors of Operations manage the overall operations of the theme park. He or she must do extensive planning and budgeting. He or she makes sure that the plans are in place, so the attraction or park does not make any promises it cannot keep. He or she also must see that all decisions made are within the park’s mission, vision, and values. Directors of Operations exert authority over every activity taking place in the attraction or theme park.” Each park has varying degrees of...
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