An Analysis of Body Language in Communication Between China and America

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 13 (3525 words) Published: May 10, 2011

Abstract 2

Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Background

1.2 The aim of the paper

1.3 The organization of this paper

Chapter 2 Literature review

2.1 The definition of body language

2.2 The importance of body language

2.2.1 Body language is widely used in daily life

2.2.2 Benefits body language bring to us during communication

Chapter 3 Characteristics of body language from the view of Sino-America cultural communication 

3.1 Same body language conveys different meaning due to different culture

3.2 Same body language represents same meaning in different cultures

3.3 Only few body language exist in unique culture, one Country or one region

3.4 Different body behaviors can convey same meaning

3.5 The using of body language is influenced by the situation that a person is in

Chapter 4 Advices for body language using in cross-culture communication

4.1 Try to learn body language on purpose

4.2 Be sensitive about the situation one is in during the communication

4.3 Try to participate in more intercultural communication

Chapter 5 Conclusion






An analysis of body language in communication between China and America


 Body language plays a very important role in both communication of daily lives and intercultural communication. However, in the past time, the attention paid to body language is not enough. Due to the cultural differences between China and America, differences in the meaning of body language exist. In this paper, the importance of body language is reviewed and stressed, the features of body language in Sino-America cultural communication are analyzed, and some advices for body language using in intercultural communication is provided.

Key words:intercultural communication, body language, china and America.





Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Background
With the rapid growth of economy, science, technology and the expanding trend of globalization, more and more opportunities of communicating with others from different countries and nations are put forward for us. American is the largest trading partner of China; therefore it is crucial for us to learn intercultural communication between the two countries.

Intercultural communication, also can be called cross-culture communication, refers to the communication among people from different culture background. In a wide sense, intercultural communication includes not only communications among different countries, but also among different races and nations, even among different groups from the same culture background. With the Chinese-western cultural communication become wider and wider, deeper and deeper, cross-culture communication attracts more and more attention.

Communication can be classified into two means: verbal communication and nonverbal communication. A lot of people prefer put emphasis on mastering verbal communication skills and just ignore the significance of nonverbal communication. However, in daily lives we notice others’ behaviors, including eye movements, facial expressions, and body orientations to judge about their characteristics and mental states. Meanwhile, we use it to express ourselves and show our attitude as well as create impression. Nonverbal communication has very important portion in the human communication. According to the research, more than 93% information was conveyed by the mean of nonverbal communication. Body language, as a major branch of nonverbal communication, is always mixed up with nonverbal communication and ignored.

As students majored in English, we are...

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