Analysis of the Story 12 Years A Slave

Topics: Slavery, History of slavery, Slavery in the United States Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: October 30, 2014
12 Year a Slave
Solomon Northup’s Twelve Years a Slave is a narrative story on the difficult and grueling life that he experienced during the slavery era. This story describes his life from birth, and how he was being born free, and how he made it through being a slave and how he gained back his freedom. He narrates the story in a very real way that enables the reader to connect with him. Northup was born a freeman; he obtained his freedom from his father after his family was being freed by the Northup family because of his loyalty. Solomon grew up in New York he received adequate education. In the movie and the book, it shows how Solomon gained knowledge and hard work from his father. He resided in Saratoga Springs he lived happily with his three children. After 30 years of slavery Solomon freedom was taken from him when he was seeking financial freedom. He was held captive for 12 years. Two men who worked for a circus approached Solomon and offered him a job because of his ability to play violin. He accepted the job and soon started performing at different events and parties. According to the movie and as seen in the book, Solomon was given his paper to protect him just in case they need it to identify him.

The torture and hardship in the book was represented in the film. Northup was hanged by his neck and was beaten by the masters. He was hanged for several hours in front of the other slaves but they were not able to help him because they were afraid of getting involved. Paul Dano did this horrible act because he was afraid of Northup Intelligence and exposure. When Mr. Ford finds out about this act, he rescued Northup by cutting him down. In the book the isolation of Northup and the rest of the slaves, shows the cruel act of the white men. They destroyed the bond shared among the Negros. When Ford eventually finds Northup, he cuts him down and apologizes. The other slaves likely knew this would happen given their master's...
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