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This essay aims to critically analyse a microteaching session based upon my chosen topic which I presented to my peers and my lecturer in the university setting with the intend of reflecting on my preparation, planning, implementation, presentation and evaluation of the session. This essay will examine what I have learnt from this process mentioning my strengths as well as areas of future development. The reflective model I have chosen to use is Gibbs model (Gibbs 1988). Reflection can be depicted as a cycle (Gibbs, 1988). First an experience must take place, this is sometimes referred to as a critical incident in this context, new feelings about the event must be acknowledged and the outcome evaluated, recognising both the good and the bad. This is then thought about and understanding sought. Consideration is given to other possible course(s) of action and finally consideration needs to be given to what you would do in similar circumstances on a subsequent occasion next time a similar event happens,). Stewart et al (2000) suggest that the learning outcome to be desired from every student in higher education is that of a reflective practitioner, equipped with skills of lifelong learning.

Microteaching refers to a “scaled-down teaching encounter designed to develop new skills and refine old ones” (Trott 1976 cited in Sana, 2007). It involves a simulated teaching session where students practice-teach in a laboratory that involves a faculty supervisor, the demonstrating teacher, peers, a, video supervisor, video recorder and player, and a television monitor. The gains in microteaching depend on how the teacher demonstrators reflect and improve on their skills after formal evaluation and personal introspection (Sana, 2007, 2007). Boyer (1990) cited in Judith Peacock, 2001) describes teaching as a dynamic endeavor which serves to build bridges between the teacher's understanding and the student's learning. He emphasizes that 'great teachers create a common ground of intellectual commitment. They stimulate active, not passive, learning and encourage students to be critical, creative thinkers with the capacity to go on learning' via experiences and strategies which are carefully planned and continuously examined. Teaching is not merely transmitting knowledge, but transforming and extending it as well. It is the process by which the learning stage is set (Judith Peacock, 2001). The outcomes of reflective practice for professionals are considered to be the ability to critique their practice, identify their own learning needs and take responsibility for continuing their professional education (Clarke et al, 1996; Stewart et al, 2000; Griffin, 2003)

This is a reflective account of my 10 minutes micro-teaching presentation as part of my academic requirement as a third year undergraduate in the department of nursing and social work studies (learning disabilities) using Gibb’s reflective cycle (1988). Gibbs model of reflection incorporates the following: description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and an action plan. The model will be applied to this essay to facilitate critical thought, relating theory to practice where the model allows. My chosen topic for the micro-teaching session is promoting personal hygiene with people with learning disability. My rationale for chosen this topic borne out of my believe that good personal hygiene contributes to the overall physical , psychological, social and emotional health and well being of service users, sometimes often ignored by professional health workers and service users alike. Therefore part of my overall aims are for my colleagues to understand how personal hygiene habits promote present and future health of our service users and also promoting personal hygiene among our service users is part of our duty and responsibility as future joint practioner. The topic of the teaching...
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