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 nExperiment C: Kinetics of the Hydrolysis of T-butyl Chloride Post-Lab
Ch202 Postlab Assignment
Nov 5/2014
L10 Radwan Ahmed 130770850

1. What was green about this experiment was that the solvents used (acetone and water), and even the tert butyl chloride were fairly safe to handle with respect to the other chemicals used in the lab. This is why gloves were not worn, and one reason why this experiment follows GCP # 3 where chemical products should be designed to preserve efficacy of the function while reducing toxicity. 2.

i. What was not green about this experiment is that solvents were used in this experiment. This does not abide by GCP # 5 in that solvents should be not used. However since the amount of HCL needs to be stopped to be titrated, the use of acetone is necessary in quenching the reaction. ii. What was also not green about the experiment is that all the reagents used in this experiment wasn’t incorporated in the final product. This doesn’t abide by GCP # 2 atom economy because there was leftover unused solvent, and untitrated reaction mixture contained in the volumetric flask that was thrown away in the bio hazard asste bin.

3. One way the experiment could be made greener is to incorporate GCP # 1 (prevention), because “it is better to prevent waste than to treat or clean up waste”. In regards to this, there was plenty of unused solvent and reaction mixture at the end of the experiment, which is why initial amounts of solvent should be just enough for the 6 reaction samples and the infinity samples. This means that there will no longer be leftover reaction mixture and unused solvent which can be used for another lab section.


Analysis of this graph shows that this is a first order reaction. This is because Log log([HXinf]-[HXt]) vs time yielded a straight line, characteristic of a first order reaction.





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