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Preparing Organic Compounds – Antifebrin
In this experiment, I am going to prepare the organic compound of antifebrin from readily available chemical reagents.

Antifebrin is an odorless solid chemical of white flake-like appearance. Chemically, antifebrin is the amide phenylethanamide CH3ONHC6H5. It's slightly soluble in water. It has the ability to self-ignite if it reaches the temperatures of 545°c but otherwise it's a stable compound. The pure crystals of antifebrin are plate shaped and white in colour. Equipment

Conical flask
Filter paper
250ml beaker
Evaporating dish
Boiling water
Glass rod
Vacuum filter
Evaporating dish
Hot plate

Risk assessment
0.5moldm-3 Hydrochloric acid
- Causes burns
- Irritating to the respiratory system
- Irritating to the eyes

Ethanoic anhydride
Harmful by inhalation
Toxic in contact with skin

Boiling water can spill onto skin and burn
To prevent this from happening chemicals and hot water must be handled with care, lab coats and safety goggles must be worn at all times. And long hair must be tied up.

50cm3 of 0.5moldm-3 hydrochloric acid was poured into a 100-cm3 conical flask. 2.5cm3 of aminobenzene was added to the conical flask then swirled. Then a small amount of charcoal was added to the conical flask and again swirled. Next the solution was filtered using fluted filter paper into a different conical flask. 4g of sodium ethanoate was dissolved in 10cm3 of water, it was then gently warmed on a steam bath. Once the temperature had reached about 50oc, 3cm3 of ethanoic anhydride was added to the solution and it was swirled. Then the solution was cooled in an ice bath for 20 minutes. Next the cooled solution was filtered using a Büchner filter. The crystals were then washed with a small quantity of iced distilled water. The crystals were then mixed with 10cm3 of water and gently warmed on a hot plate until the water has just reached boiling...

References: Risk assessment –®ion=GB
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