Topics: Chemistry, Atom, Molecule Pages: 5 (424 words) Published: April 6, 2014
SNC 1Y1 – Chemistry Unit Outline February 2014
Feb 4th

Safety topic 5 concerns
Feb 5th
Snow Day

Feb 6th
Safety, WHMIS,

HO Equipment, Scientific Method
Feb 7th
PBL- Salt
Blended Learning-Sign on
Significant Figures
Classification of Matter
Salt PBL Feb 14th
- HO Sig. Dig. Feb 10th
-p.178 #1-6,8
-Quiz-Safety, Equipment, Sci Method, Sig Dig.Feb 11th
Feb 10th
Blended Learning
Physical/Chemical Properties/changes

Study for Quiz Feb 11th
p.182 #1-5
p.186 #12-4,6,7
Feb 11th
Safety Quiz…
Chemical change demos “Happy Birthday Candle”
Density HO- Complete 5 questions using GRASP

Notes on Physical/chemical properties/changes
5 density questions

Feb 12th

Mystery Powder Lab

Read and make notes 5.6 Characteristic Physical Properties


Work on Mystery Powder lab report- Due Feb 14th p.

p. 198 #1,2,3,11

Feb 13th
Guidance Presentation- Course selection

LAB: Density of regular and irregular shaped objects

-Prepare for Salt Debate and PBL Lab

-Complete density lab
Feb 14th
2- Salt Debate- Read 5.7 Are we salting or assaulting our roads? p. 199 and Salt article previously handed out. Create and complete a chart: Pros, Cons, Alternatives to using salt “3 points in each”. Debate on Tuesday Feb 18th

3-Read and make notes 6.8 From Charcoal to Diamonds p.241-244 questions p.244 #1-6

4-Complete your notes (see online review) for Chapter 5 quiz Feb 18th. Practice Chapter 5 self quiz p. 204-205

5- 6.1 Table of Elements- Blended Learning at home p.215 #1,3-5,8-10 Quiz: Chapter 5 Feb 19th



Mystery Powder lab Due Feb 18th

p.244 #1-6

p.215 #1,3-5,8-10
Quiz: Chapter 5 Feb 19th
Feb 17th
Family Day

Feb 18th
Review Density questions

Review Chapter 5

6.6 Theory of the Atom- Blended Learning

p.233 #1-5,7
Quiz: Chapter 5 Feb 19th
Feb 19th
Quiz Chapter 5
6.7 Structure of Atom
p.240 #1-6,8-9
Feb 20th
6.2 Metal Detective Lab
6.4 Patterns in Periodic Table
Complete lab HO
p. 225 #1-6,8
Feb 21st
7.1 Putting Atoms Together

7.3 How Atoms Combine


p.261 #1-11

p.266 #1-7
Feb. 24th
Counting Atoms
Lab: 7.4 Molecular Models
Complete HO
Feb 25th
Naming Polyatomic Compounds and Transition Metals (Cu, Fe, Pb)

Complete HO
Feb 27th Quiz: Naming ionic and covalent compounds
Feb 26th
Naming Molecular Compounds
Review Naming
Complete HO
Feb 27th Quiz: Naming ionic and covalent compounds
Feb 27th
Quiz: Naming ionic and covalent compounds

Lab: Gas Test
p. 270-271
Review and complete Gas Lab
Feb 28th
Complete Chemistry Unit

Work on Review
March 3rd
Review Chemistry

Work on Review
March 4th
Chemistry Unit TEST

March 5th

Space, the final frontier…
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