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Saint Peter’s Prep
Science Department AP Chemistry
Alexander D. CanaleTerm: 2013-2014

AP Chemistry Description
The AP Chemistry course is designed to be the equivalent of the general chemistry course usually taken during the first college year. For some students, this course enables them to undertake, in their first year, second-year work in the chemistry sequence at their institution or to register in courses in other fields where general chemistry is a prerequisite. For other students, the AP Chemistry course fulfills the laboratory science requirement and frees time for other courses. AP Chemistry should meet the objectives of a good college general chemistry course. Students in such a course should attain a depth of understanding of fundamentals and a reasonable competence in dealing with chemical problems. The course should contribute to the development of the students’ abilities to think clearly and to express their ideas, orally and in writing, with clarity and logic.

Because chemistry professors at some institutions ask to see a record of the laboratory work done by an AP student before making a decision about granting credit, placement or both, in the chemistry program, students should keep a laboratory notebook that includes reports of their laboratory work in such a fashion that the reports can be readily reviewed.

The AP Chemistry Exam has two main parts, Section I and Section II, that contribute equally (50 percent each) toward the final score. Section I consists of 60 multiple choice questions that cover a broad range of topics. Section II consists of seven free response questions. A period of 90 minutes is allotted for each Section of the exam.

Organization will be very important in this class so a 3 ring binder or an organized spiral notebook will be required as it will best serve you for handouts. You must laboratory notes in a carbon copy notebook. A calculator is required, nothing fancy is...
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