Ap World Africa Dbq

Topics: Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Atlantic slave trade Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: March 12, 2012
Because of the Berlin Conference in Europe, the scramble for African land ended up colonizing inhabited areas in Africa, destroying native nations and their traditional culture. During this time, African natives had many different reactions. Some wanted to cooperate peacefully, others wanted to withstand European pressure, but most of all, most Africans wanted to react violently and rebel against the Europeans.

Many nations in Africa wanted to cooperate with the British and react to their wants peacefully. This is the reason why the Africans gave up hope and accepted the European ways to the scramble. Based on document one, in 1886, the British government sent the Royal Niger Company to help develop the Niger River and its surrounding areas. Due to the lost hope, many leaders signed the document and gave their land away. Because this document is an official document, it is not possible to have a personal influence, changing the view of this document askew. In document eight, it shows how a German military officer reports to a German military weekly newspaper about the Africans. This German mocks the Africans on how traditional they were in their ways and how their traditional ways were seen as weak. He probably wrote in this manner because he intended on ridiculing the Africans to the Germans back in Germany. Through these ways, these Africans showed how they dealt with the foreign influences without using violence.

Even though there were some Africans who wanted to keep peaceful ways, some other wanted to withstand the Europeans but still keep traditions and be friendly. In document two, the Ashanti leader responds to the British offer for protectorate status by declining very politely. He stated that his offer is something that he deeply considered, but he decided to reject this offer because he wanted to maintain their tradition. The leader also stated, however, that he didn’t want to be colony, but still have a friendly relationship. In document three,...
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