Apple Case Study

Topics: IPhone, Marketing, Apple Inc. Pages: 3 (301 words) Published: April 1, 2013
What do you think was the main reason for Ipone's success in America?

➢ Innovations
➢ Apple retail stores
➢ Emphasis on design
➢ Digital music player's success
➢ Successful marketing effort - meet the expectation - mystique ➢ Good service plan (unlimited data with direct internet aceess, visual voicemail and a host of other goodies)

Fashionable, new advantages.
Tv campaign
Consumer psychology

With tough competition from Nokia, htc and blackberry, do you think iphone is as successful in Europe as in America?

➢ It was as successful in the beginning.
➢ First problem: sharing of revenues with handset manufactures was non-existent in Europe. ➢ Tied up produce was against the law
➢ The strategy of tying up with a single operator would not work in Europe as the European customers were accustomed to using any phone with any network operator of their choice.

The main reasons iphone's not as succussful in Europe
➢ High price
➢ Lack of 3G capability
➢ Carrier exclusivity
➢ Entering the market too late
❖ In an attempt to control its declining sales, Apple reduced the price of the iphone by £100 in 2008 April.

Same pricing, product, promotions, single operator.

Could you help Apple to formulate a strategy and a marketing plan for Europe?

To launch a 3G iphone
Modify its strategy of carrier exclusitivity

Key issues currently:
1. Price is too high
2. 3G
3. Battery

EPRG framework.
➢ Apple is adapting the home-oriented.
➢ The European is more price conscious and don't like to be in contract

Cut price
Strengthen branding

Do you think Apple's pricing policy is helping it to achieve market share? Was dropping the price a good strategy.

Background note

- apple lost its business user after IBM introduced its own PC

Launching the iphone
Pricing the iphone
The price-cut chaos
Iphone goes to europe
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