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Topics: John Rolfe, United States, Slavery Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: November 6, 2013
The colony of Virginia was founded in 1606 by English businessmen. At that time the biggest competition the English had were the Spanish who had already conquered a lot of territory. During the first years of the Virginian colony went through a great hardship. The settlers were aided by the Indians at the time that the settlers were deep in their hardship. John Rolfe was the man who increased the trade in Virginia with his cash crop. The English arrived in North America in 1606 looking for raw materials. At the time their biggest competition were the Spanish who conquered Mexico, central America, and parts of south America. The Spanish had the new world like a “ATM machine” because they took vast amounts of gold and silver from the native people. At that time all the countries had a philosophy that the country with the most gold had the most power. For that reason the English when to the northern new world to try to find the same wealth. During the beginning of the Virginia colony the 104 settlers went through some really hard times. A great example of that is document A witch Is a letter written by George Percy. The document talks about how the settlers were destroyed by cruel diseases and famine. Some settlers were so desperate that they eat cats, rats, and myce. So went to extreme measures and started to dig up corpses to eat. There was even one man who killed then ate his own wife. Things got better when the settlers made peace with chief Indian Powhatan and got resources from them. After going threw those hard times the became a strong colony economically wise. The reason their economy grew was that they started to grow and trade tobacco. Before the English started to trade tobacco other European tried to sell it in Europe but were unsuccessful. The tobacco grown in Virginia had a stronger flavor and odor. When Virginian tobacco got to Europe it sold for higher price. Within a matter of time it became Virginia’s cash crop. Document B is a great example...
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