Aqueous solutions

Topics: Chemical reaction, Sodium chloride, Chemistry Pages: 3 (741 words) Published: November 1, 2013
Aqueous Solutions Reactions, Metathesis (Double Replacement) Reactions and Net Ionic Equations Terrance Shelton
India’s cultural treasure and biggest tourist attraction is slowly losing its magnificent appeal due to decades of acid rain. The walls of the Taj Muhal are composed of a marble-like substance ( CaCO3) that corrodes and eventually crumbles when reacted with acid rain(H2SO4). Not only is the Taj Muhal suffering, but also other historic landmarks across the world. This is a metathesis (Double Replacement) reaction where (CaSO4”s”) is a produced as cations(+) and anions(-) exchange partners and pair such as the following: CaCO3+H2SO4 CaSO4+ H20+CO2. In general terms, this is the simplest form of what’s going on in a metathesis reaction: AX + BY AY + BX. A metathesis reaction will result in one or more of the following: formation of a precipitate, weak or non- electrolyte, and/or gas. Metathesis reactions are one of the three chemical reactions possible in an aqueous solution. Chemical reactions are the transforming of any chemicals from one state of chemicals (gas, liquid, or solid) into another state. There are three types of chemical reactions: metathesis, neutralization, and redox. Neutralizations reactions are between an acid and a metal hydroxide and will produce water, salt, and gas in certain equations. Equations with sulfide and carbonate will produce dihydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide respectively. Redox reactions are the gain or loss of electrons by a substance throughout a chemical reaction. Oxidation is the loss of electrons and reduction is the gain of electrons OIL RIG is a good abbreviation to remember redox reactions. All of these reactions are present in the experiment we conducted during lab, in which we mixed 16 pairs of chemicals and recorded the observations to determine the type of reaction. Our hypothesis was based on the solubility guidelines for common ionic compounds in water. We hypothesized that...
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