Argumentitive Essay on 'the Case for Breaking Up with Your Parents" - Prof Terry Castle

Topics: Marriage, Decision making, Offspring Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: April 21, 2013

Why it is better for students to take the wheel

“Parental engagement even in the lives of college-age children has expanded in ways that would have seemed bizarre in the recent past. (Some colleges have actually created a “dean of parents” position – whether identified as such or not – to deal with them.) The “helicopter parents” who hover over nearly every choice or action of their offspring have given way to “snowplow parents” who determinedly clear a path for their child and shove aside any obstacle they perceive in the way.” – Prof. Terry Castle, The case for breaking up with your parents

As seen in Prof. Castle’s article ‘The Case for breaking up with your parents’ (The Chronicle Review, May 6, 2012), there are a few reasons why she is right when she says that the highly expanded parental engagement jeopardizes students’ intellectual and emotional freedom. They need to separate so that students will be able to engage in a kind of self-orphaning. First of all, the high involvement of parents is not advantageous at all by thinking that students are not even able to make their own choices - sometimes they would even do something just to make their parents feel satisfied. To prevent this, parents should really start to think about the abilities of their own child. Would they really not be able to make the right decisions? Of course, one has to overcome a few difficult steps in order to be able to make right decisions, but still, the students need to be given the chance to walk their own way to their future. It is apparent that these helicopter-parents are not inept parents at all, such parents are rather too careful, well, maybe they care a little too much. Nevertheless, they do not have bad intentions so that is why students should start to talk about those involvement-issues with their parents. If they do not talk about it with their...
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