Arrange Marriages Okay ?

Topics: Marriage, Arranged marriage, Family Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Arranged Marriages Okay?

Kid younger than 14 getting ready to be a bride or groom! The idea of arrange marriages is preposterous and families should stop it. In some cases the women marry very young to men way older. There is no love in an arranged marriage cause to utterly strangers who don’t know each other getting forced to marry. If you leave your arranged marriages and get a conventional marriage you will get punished.

First of all, girls younger than 14 are getting married to men around 58 years old. In America that would be considered rape, child abuse, child seduction and many other things. The girls are barley educated and they are supposed to have sexual intercourse with a man and she barely know her abc’s. These young women get to have no life and their destiny is to be a burden to their families. Some people may say that women are just to please women and a means to an end, but it modern day women and men have equal rights.-

Secondly, there is no love towards each other in arranged marriages. In a good stable relationship you need a good foundation of trust and you can’t have trust without love. This is weird feeling in the house hold and you know you have to spend the rest of your life with this person. If they somehow manage to have a child it would be very cold hearted cause it was not grown up with any love or respect. Yea there will be love and a connection between the two, there could be a chance of love but they will hate each other for so long.

Finally, if you leave arrange marriages for conventional marriages, some families will try and kill you. Some people try so hard not have arranged marriages that they commit suicide. Well that majority goes to the women. Some families will send hitman after their daughter and the conventional married family just because she did not go with traditional arranged marriages. In Sabatina James “When my mother found my diary one day and learned that I had kissed a boy in the park after school, she...
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