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Although matchmaking primarily on an economic or legal basis is harshly criticized, such considerations are often factors of secondary importance and significantly influence the rank order of a potential spouse.

Some of these factors in some order of priority may be taken into account for the purpose of matchmaking:

* Reputation of the family
* Vocation: For a groom, the profession of doctor, accountant, lawyer, engineer, or scientist are traditionally valued as excellent spouse material. More recently, any profession commanding relatively high income is also given preference. Vocation is less important for a bride[citation needed] but it is not uncommon for two people of the same vocation to be matched. Some preferred vocations for a bride include the profession of teacher, doctor, or lawyer. * Wealth: Families holding substantial assets may prefer to marry to another wealthy family. * Appearance: There may be a preference that beauty and weight be comparable. In India there is a bias in favor of fair-skinned brides.[6] * Religion: The religious and spiritual beliefs can play a large role in finding a suitable spouse. * Pre-existing medical conditions: Two persons with a physical deformity or disability who are otherwise marriageable may be matched. * Horoscope: Numerology and the positions of stars at birth is often used in Indian culture to predict the success of a particular match. This is sometimes expressed as a percentage, for example, a 70% match. Horoscope becomes a determining factor is one of the partners is Mângalik (lit., negatively influenced by Mars). * Dietary preference: Vegetarian or omnivore (often automatically determined by the caste among Hindus) * Height: Typically the groom should be taller than the bride.[citation needed] * Age difference: Typically the groom should be older than the bride.[citation needed] * Other factors: City of residence, education level, etc. * Language: Language...
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