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Marriage is commonly defined as the relationship between two people of opposite sex known as husband and wife, and it is a key to bring them happiness. Therefore, choosing a husband and wife is one of the most important decisions for everyone’s life because a marriage can bring either a happy life or an unhappy life. In many countries in the world, and especially in the western countries, a man or woman can choose their own partner. In contrast, in some countries like Cambodia, parents arrange their children’s marriage. However, if we take a closer look at arranged marriages, there are some contrasting ideas about them in our society. We can easily acknowledge that parents have more life experience, but this does not necessarily assure that they will always choose the right spouse for their child. In fact, arranged marriage generally has both advantages and disadvantages.

One of the most important advantages to arranged marriage is having a good financial security and living condition. Of course, Money doesn’t automatically bring a good happiness, but the lack of money can cause lots of troubles in the family and stresses in any relationship. In Cambodian tradition, parents often involve transfers of property to their marrying children, and hopefully they wish to bring their children with a very good financial and living condition. For example, some Cambodian parents give property such as house, land, money and jewelry to the new couple after getting married, and they have an important role in solving any problems happening to their married children. In addition, parents have greater life experiences than their children; therefore, they can usually make a better decision or judgment. For instance, In Cambodian culture, many parents always think carefully about whom their children should marry, and most of their thoughts focus on financial situation, family status and individual behavior because they strongly believe that if their children get...
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