Arranged marriage

Topics: Marriage, Arranged marriage Pages: 4 (746 words) Published: May 10, 2015
Arranged marriages have been a tradition in many countries for centuries. In my opinion, the union is an unfair ceremony that has led to numerous downfalls in the lives of countless couples. The concept of arranged marriages is perceived as a human rights issue where individuals lose the right to freedom of choice. Often, the choice of spouse is selected because of the bond between two families, rather than the love between the couple. The parents of the children believe that they know them so well that they are capable of choosing a suitable partner for them. I disagree with this issue for the reason that individual does not have the opportunity to make their own decisions; love within the marriage is not a main priority, and stress or unhappiness within the marriage as well as the lives of the people affected by the marriage.

Firstly, the individual does not have the opportunity to make their own decisions when deciding on whom to marry. I believe that a person should have the choice to go out and experience romance on their own terms, to be able to date freely and marry when they are ready and sure of their decision. It is an accepted fact that a person’s family will play a role in picking the marriage partner, but it would be more beneficial to the couple if they helped and gave their opinion, instead of making the entire decision. In many cases, arranged marriages have led to disastrous events. In countries such as Islam, Pakistan, Iran, UK, etc. honour killings can occur when there is a rejection or refusal of an arranged marriage for an example. Furthermore, individualism is being eliminated through this process. It is supposed to promote one’s goals, desires and interests in life, but there is no way to do that if someone is not given the freedom of choice to do so.

Secondly, when love within the marriage is irrelevant, the whole relationship will soon become irrelevant. In most other traditions, the free will to marry whoever a person chooses...
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