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Arranged marriage

Arranged marriage 1

Do you want get married with the one you love or do you want to find someone who has many commons in a various elements with you? Do you want to have a wonderful marriage? Or how can people avoid their marriage from divorce? Young people nowadays can have a chance and freedom to get married by two main ways: love marriage and arranged marriage. A lot of people in Western countries think that arranged marriage avoid people having the chance to explore their own personalities , getting the freedom to get marriage with the one they love or expressing themselves creatively through dating. They assume that an arranged marriage will fail when the potential spouse is an awful match, the mate that was arranged might not achieve our satisfaction and the marriage will end up with divorce and disappointment. In fact, it is showed that an arranged marriage is a deeper and healthier relationship because it is based on a lot of basic and reasonable factors that are totally necessary for setting up a marriage and having a long-life partner.

Actually, there are two concepts that many people now misunderstand; it is “forced marriage” and “arranged marriage”. In fact, forced marriage is very distinct from arranged one. In forced marriage, one or both spouses do not consent to the marriage and duress is involved. “Duress can include physical, psychological, financial, sexual and emotional pressure.” [The Right to Choose: Multi- agency statutory guidance for dealing with forced marriage (2008)]. Especially, The Government’s guidelines define forced marriage in the following terms: ‘Forced marriage is a form of child/domestic abuse and violence against women’. [Multi-agency practice guidelines: Handling Cases of Forced Marriage (2009)].

What about arranged marriage? According to Gagoomal (2009), “Arranged marriage is broadly defined as unions in which people other than the bride and groom, typically parents or other family members called match maker play important or decisive roles in determining who marries whom”(p. 590) .

Arranged marriage 2

First and foremost, arranged marriage is based on a lot of essential factors for a relationship to grow consistently. The article of Chandra M. Ganju, a lawyer by profession who currently works in the department of Children and Family in the state of Florida, has proved to us a lot of necessary elements leading to a successful marriages based on her real story about arranged marriage. She states that:

“It is a union of two souls, two individuals, two families, and two cultures .Besides that, marriage is also based other factors. Economic, educational, social, cultural, and most of all romantic compatibility is very important too.”

This argument is further supported by data from Dr.Gecas, who is one of the lecturers in Sociology Department of Purdue University. He said that:

“In arranged marriage, the future spouse will be selected by parents and indeed, the selection will be based on the compatibility of both adult children (Gagoomal, 2009, p. 592)”.

By practicing arranged marriage, the incompatibility between the spouses can be reduced. This is due to the fact that in arranged marriage, the parents will find a potential partner for their adult children based on several criteria which are suitable to the adult children for instance same religion and same caste. Hence, it is very practical to choose arranged marriage to find a mate because it is not only guaranteeing us a mate, but also a suitable mate for us.

Arranged marriage 3
In addition, arranged marriage is a more long lasting relationship because it is more stable than love marriage in terms of love and happiness. Dr Gecas concedes that: “As in arranged marriages, love is not the priority so this makes...

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