Arranged Marriages

Topics: Marriage, Arranged marriage, Family Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Balyn Senseney
Reflection Paper- Arranged Marriage
February 25, 2013

An arranged marriage is a union between two indivuals setup by their parents, family members or other outside party. These marriages are uncommon in our modern day American society, however are very common in India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and parts of Africa. In my opinion for an arranged marriage to be successful the parents must know their child's desires, inform the child of the arrangement early in life and have succesful arranged marriages in the family or close friends as role models for the child. I do not have any of those qualities in my family; for me I would chose not to have an arranged marriage if I were given the option. I believe families that are very close and stay at home and interact with each other would have a better chance to chose the right mate for the child. Parents must act in good faith and good intention to pick a mate that matches their child's desires and wants. For instance if the parents knew the child wanted to have a baby, the chosen mate must also share this want. If the child is artistic and free spirited, an artistic and laid back mate would be a good match. My parents worked a lot my childhood to provide for my family, so I grew up with babysitters and after school care. As a family we didn't have the opportunity to spend much bonding time together. I moved out of my parents home at eighteen and our bond is strong as I try hard to make as much time as possible to visit but their isn't day to day interaction. I feel my parents wouldn't be able to match me with the best mate because they don't know my desires or wants. I do however value my parents opinion of my partners. I think another important factor of a succesful arranged marriage would be when the child was told of this arrangement. The child would most likely not be able to date anybody else because it would be too confusing and difficult to date a person knowing...
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