Arranged marriages

Topics: Marriage, Arranged marriage, Love Pages: 1 (463 words) Published: November 27, 2013
Arranged marriages
Arranged marriages are often discussed a lot. Some people are against it, and others think it’s the best way to have a marriage. In Islam, it’s common to be born in to an arranged marriage, already when you’re born, your parents had found a partner for you. In some arranged marriages, the bride doesn’t have the rights to refuse the marriage. She has to accept the man, her parents choose for her. In many families, arranged marriages are tradition, and therefore it would be disrespectful to refuse the marriage. In Islamic countries the men and women are often unequal, the women needs to clean the house and make dinner, while the man is working to earn money. The equality is huge, and it starts already when they men and women are kids, they are going to different schools and therefore they never really meet the opposite gender. And that’s why the parents dominate the choice, of whom they are going to marriage. Some of those who lives in a successful arranged marriage, says that it’s much easier when the parents make the choice of whom you are going to marriage, because then you don’t need to think about it, and they also had faith in their parents choice. In other Islamic cultures the parents are a kind of marriage guidance, or parental guidance, they still finds a husband to their daughter, but she needs to agree with her parents. In that way, it isn’t an arranged marriage, but the parents still have some kind of expectation that the daughter accept their choice. Many experts believe that having an arranged marriage is a better way to build up a marriage based on love, and that it would last longer. In the countries like Denmark, where you fall in love, and afterwards sees if it possible could end up with a marriage, you’ve already experienced the “falling in love” rush. But if you don’t know the person you are getting married with, the “falling in love” rush comes after you get to know the person. Therefore the marriage is built on real...
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