Arranged marriages

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November 21, 2013
Arranged marriages
Arranged marriages are happening in many cultures all over the world. Marriages in India will be a great example of an arranged marriage resulted from, that Most of marriages in India are arranged marriages. How is the arranged marriage done in India? According to Nada, the process is that when tow Indian families are interested in each other they might want to increase the relationship between them, therefore they decide to make an arranged marriage for their kids, but of course the parents don’t want their children to have a bleak married life, therefore they consider choosing the right person for their kid.

In a society believes that every individual has the right to chose his life; arranged marriage would not be accepted. However arranged marriages aren’t always unsuccessful, which leads us to ask what are the advantages of the arranged marriages?

“In a society where divorce still scandal and where, in fact, rate is exceedingly low, an arranged marriage is the beginning of a lifetime relationship not just between the bride and groom, but between their families as well.” Nada says. From that we can consider that arranged marriages make people closer, thus make stronger and closer society. On the other hand, some people could suffer from these marriages. Forcing some one to live with a person that he or she had never met them in their life cannot always be easy to go with, in fact, it must be difficult. While these difficulties are happening for the arranged married couples, it’s completely the revers in the regular marriage.

When you choose your partner by your self it’s deeper than just choosing someone to marry, it means choosing your life, deciding your future, drawing your way into the life, and sharing the rest of your life with the person that you love. The different is very enormous between these two marriages. It is very clear that arranged married couples are missing huge...
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