Arranged Marriages

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Arranged Marriages

Should arranged marriages have a place in our Canadian Society?

I do not think arranged marriages should have a place in a Canadian Society or any society because it is wrong and unfair. One of the reasons they should not have a place in our society because your parents will most likely not take y our wishes into account on who they will make you marry. Secondly while your parents are making you marry someone else you could be deeply in love with someone else. Last but not least %99 of the parents who tell you who you’re going to marry will make you marry someone of the opposite sex, but they may be attracted to the same sex.

First off, your parents will pick the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with, often what they care about is the amount of money the family has. These types of parents usually don’t care about the children’s wishes or preferences towards their future partner. They might take pick someone that you would be attracted to but most importantly the family has to have money. You may not even know the person you have to marry and then you are forced to live with them and make love to them, which would be scary because you are strangers to each other.

Secondly, your parents are forcing you to marry a random person, while in the meantime you might be deeply in love with madly in love with a childhood friend or someone you have grown up with. Your parents may not approve of them or their family may not have a lot of money within their family. This is very unfair and it is almost like torture to the partners, because the person that is in love with someone else would be always wishing they were with the other person and they would not be %100 committed to the other partner. It would be horrible feeling having to spend all your time with someone while you are thinking about the other person.

Lastly another reason why arranged marriages shouldn’t have a place in society is because the parents that...
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