Arranged marriages essay

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Arranged marriages
Arranged marriage is an old tradition, and it was normal worldwide until the 18th century. In an arranged marriage, the bride and the groom is selected by a third party, rather than each other. This is a type of marital union. Arranged marriages are still going on in modern times, but often royal, aristocratic families and some ethnic minority groups. There are several positive aspects with arranged marriages. For example, if you are in an arranged marriage, you do not have to worry about finding the “right” person. In arranged marriages is it often the parents of the bride or the groom who decides who their son or daughter is going to marry. You do not have to go through the “trouble” of dating, which many people find hopeless. Since it often is the parents who decide the bride and the groom, the families are often much alike and have a similar background. In this way, even though the bride and the groom do not know each other from before, they may have the same interests and things in common. In over 50% of arranged marriages, the parents arranged who their children are going to marry. They often pick a similar family that they know, so they are sure that their child is ending up with a nice family in law. This is a positive side of arranged marriage because both families and children can be sure that the other family is a nice and safe family. The parents will know the son/daughter in law, and also the family. In this way, you do not have to think about getting your parents approval before you get married. Of course, there are negative aspects within arranged marriages. One of the main reasons to not have an arranged marriage is that you will not be able to choose who you want or when you want to get married to. You want have the opportunity to choose the one you love, even though you might love the person you are arranged with later on. But in an arranged marriage, there is no guaranty of love. Another aspect is that you most likely...
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