Arranged Marriages in India

Topics: Marriage, Arranged marriage, Matchmaking Pages: 3 (1176 words) Published: March 6, 2013
rranged marriages have been one of the most interesting things that still happen in our society. After a long research I found some interesting information on arranged marriages. In this paper I will discuss the countries that still have practice of arranged marriages. I will talk about why arranged marriages happen, how they work, and how they affect women that are involved in it. Also, I would like to take a look at what kind of changes are happening to stop arranged marriages. There are still plenty countries in the world that practice the tradition of arranged marriages. Countries like Korea, Vietnam, India, Japan, Pakistan, and even America though not Americans but other cultures that live in United States. Those and some other counties still believe in the practice of arranged marriage, even though some are starting to change their views about it. Some countries are changing with new generations, and some are forced by their government. For example, in Pakistan there are almost 90 percent of marriages are arranged by parents without consulting the would-be spouses or even allowing the to meet before the wedding (Arranged marriages the rule in Pakistan, pp 66). Another example is Japan, 25-30 percent of all marriages at present time are arranged marriages (Applbaum, 1995 p37). Those are just recorded numbers of those countries, but there are other little areas that have arranged marriages and no one ever knows about them Two other questions are how the arranged marriages happen and who arranges them. In most of the countries parents arrange the marriage, but not everywhere. For example, in Japan people of higher standing and age relative to the couple typically organize arranged marriages (Applbaum, 1995 p. 37). In the rural villages where almost every marriage is arranged, matchmaking used to be done through the elder male member of a barber family (Arranged marriages the Rule in Pakistan, p. 66). In other countries the parents who regard matchmaking as...
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