Arranged Marriages in India - Paper

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Arranged marriages in India

In country India, which happens to be modernized, seems to keep up to the tradition of arranged marriages. With this tradition it is really important that a person’s family plays a huge role in choosing the marriage partner. To some this might sound a bit odd but it’s really important to realize that in Indian culture a pre-planned marriage is a symbol of love. Many Americans today will disagree with this arrangement and argue that true love cannot be accomplished in a marriage that is not agreed by both partners. The Indian culture believes that marriage is the biggest decision you will make in your entire life and do not` accept divorce. The actual marriage as to be a well thought out and planned with strict enforcement. Indians believe that young people are unable to make such important decisions such as marriage on their own, so instead the parents search for specific traits in a partner. A few traits that are wanted includes: identical level of education, same cultures, similar parental cities, same religious preferences and surprisingly food habits.

The men must match up closely for several areas in the matching process. Will they be good fathers? Do they have enough money to support a family? The groom’s parents have just as much pressure on them as their sons. They must already have extra living space for the children and bride. Also, the groom’s parents must have an excellent reputation. The bride should be respectful and have good manners. It is believed that the bride represents the family’s honor and pride. In most cases the bride will be moved into the in-laws home after the marriage.

The entire process may be long and eventually turn into a session of meetings. Photos and a biography is provided to the boy-girl’s family. If everything is approved then meeting arrangements with the family will be made. Usually the bride and groom do not meet until the actual wedding day. If the bride or groom does not want to...
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