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Vows, promise to stay together, celebration of new journey symbolizes marriage. Though marriages anywhere around the globe carry same meaning and importance, it is the tradition of how these marriages are conducted differs across world. In Pakistan, the system of arranged marriages is still practiced with dignified moral values and proper conduct. In Pakistani culture, bride and groom who are to spend their rest of lives together are usually chosen for each other by their parents or third community. Matchmaking in such community is done by keeping a set of list in consideration which varies for different families. While some may give importance to educated, stable and well settled man for their mature educated daughters, others might prioritize family status and background of a man for their ‘gharelo’ daughter The concept of arranged marriages itself has evolved quite a bit since the time of our parents ie previous generation. Previously it was only parents and elders of family who used to make decision for their children on who to tie their knot with. But with time and modernization today’s culture give equal importance to boy’s and girl’s opinion and their idea of spouse so to create mutual understanding between each other before tying them for the rest of their lives. But still in the end it is the consent of parents and elders that matters and decisions are taken by keeping certain things in mind such as belonging to same ethnic group, education and in most cases status and wealth. While many people may argue that it is unjustified and against basic human’s right, its followers argue that it is the most sustainable way to attain lifetime happiness and satisfaction. Also the survey shows that arranged marriages in Pakistan have more success rate than love or semi arranged combined. Reason being that arranged marriages occurs when every important member of union gives their blessing reducing the probability of...
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