Arranging a marriage in India

Topics: Marriage, Arranged marriage, Love Pages: 4 (1399 words) Published: October 11, 2008
Introduction:In the following essay the teacher said give your points of view about the story you have to read. We will read about arrange marriages in India. Nanda who is a teacher in the United States travels to India to research about arrange marriages. Before traveling she was against arrange marriages but after researching into the topic she change her point of view. I agree with Nanda that some of the points of view that will be discussed in the essay are interesting. Even thought this comments about arrange marriages make sense I still believe they take away your right to chose freely. Not only do they take away your privilege but I see this as an act of discrimination and cruelty against women.

After carefully reading the essay "Arranging a Marriage in India" I believe despite all the good reasons they mention about the advantages of having your parents chose whom you will marry is simply cruelty. In the essay "Arranging a Marriage in India" Serena Nanda is a professor which travel from America to India to carry out field studies. While in India, Nanda studied about Indian marriages and how the parents are the ones to choose the bride or bridegroom. At first Nanda was against this but after researching and interviewing different people and friends she had doubts. Nanda found out many interesting point that made sense to her of why arranging a marriage was not as bad as she thought.

Nanda met Sita, who has been waiting over a year for her parent to pick whom she will marry. Nanda ask her, "why would you tolerate such a situation don't you care whom you will marry" and Sita replied, "of course I care but I am inexperience and I'm sure my parents would pick what's best for me." In other words parent knows best. Sita took the time to explain to Nanda that in America girls spend more time worrying about meeting the right person that they have no time to enjoy their teenage life. Nanda thought of this and agree but still kept insisting, how can you marry...
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