Art Critique on Different Pieces of Art in the Newark Museum

Topics: African people, African, Ethnic groups in Africa Pages: 2 (807 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Mayra Alfaro
Mrs. Moore
Art Appreciation
December 5th, 2012
My trip at the Newark Museum of Art
As I arrived at the Newark Museum of Art, I noticed that the outside of the Museum looked like a house, which gave me the feeling of it being a very welcoming place. It really was, especially the touring guide, who was very nice to our group , and who really seemed very passionate about Art. At first, the inside of the museum looked very small, and that was because the waiting room at the beginning was not as big as I thought it would be, and there was not really much to look at around that area. Shortly after, we started our tour up some stairs, and through the halls, and I noticed some construction going on around the beginning of the tour. Even though it was a little distracting because of the noise, the information that the tour guide was narrating was far more interesting, especially the way she was narrating it, with such excitement and passion in her words. The colorful painting all over the halls, and up and down the stairs really made my imagination, and art critique expand for that hour and half tour. Visiting the Newark Museum was new to me; I have gone to the museum of art in New York, but I never really found any interest in art itself, until now. Because of this Art appreciation class, I was able to criticize some of the paintings hanging on the wall, and the way everything was set up. It was very interesting to see the quality of some of the art work that I passed by. The most wonderful collection of art that I found to be the most interesting one is the African collection. The tour started with the Ancient world, followed by Greece's art, and after that the African collection, which I found to be beautiful. All the pieces around the African collection were very detailed, and with so much to go on. I found the African collection to be the best ever. Aside from the amazing colorful paintings, and sculptures that I saw throughout the whole tour, the...
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