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Kickoff to Success
This Course Activity will help you meet these educational goals: 21st Century Skills—You will use critical thinking and problem solving skills and communicate effectively.

This course activity is your opportunity to define the foundation on which you’ll build improvements in study habits, keeping in mind the goals you set and your definition of success.

Please save this document before you begin working on the assignment. Type your answers directly in the document. When you have finished, submit your work to your teacher. __________________________________________________________________________

Directions and Analysis

Task 1: Defining Success
Take some time to reflect on what success means to you and how you’d like to define success for yourself.

a. Jot down your thoughts about how the items listed in the table affect your idea of personal success. Include the kind of success you hope to attain in each aspect of life as well as obstacles that may block you from achieving success. Add other aspects of life that you consider important to your potential success. You will use these notes to write an essay.

Type your response in the table:

Aspect of Life
Your Goals for Success
income earned

line of work

grades in school

test score outcomes

physical health

family relationships

personal relationships

social network

ability to handle stress

b. Organize your thoughts about success by briefly answering the questions below.

1. Describe someone you think is successful in life and what makes that person successful.

Type your response here:

2. Compare yourself to that person. Do you imagine becoming like that person, or do you see yourself heading down some other path?

Type your response here:

3. Describe yourself five years from now if your life progresses ideally.

Type your response here:

4. Describe yourself five years from now if you are only moderately successful in achieving your life goals.

Type your response here:

5. Describe yourself five years from now if nothing works out as you would like it to.

Type your response here:

6. Explain the aspects of success that seem realistically attainable in your life, as well as any that do not. Include a description of why you think these types of success are or are not achievable.

Type your response here:

7. Think back on ways that you defined success in the past. How has it changed? What has remained the same? How do you imagine your notion of personal success will change in the future?

Type your response here:

8. Explain the role you think education plays in reaching your goals.

Type your response here:

9. Describe the kinds of study habits you think you’ll need to develop to reach your goals.

Type your response here:

c. Write an informal essay in 4-5 paragraphs that describes how you define success, including the points listed below. The essay should synthesize the ideas you explored in sections a and b. (This is an informal essay in the sense that you will talk about yourself rather than an external, researched topic. But your essay should have the same necessary coherence and readability of any essay you share with others.) Include a wide range of “aspects of life” that are important to your current or future success. Reflect on any obstacles you perceive are keeping you from attaining success in some aspects of life.

Type your response here:
Defining Success can go in many different ways, some people see success as having allot of money, great jobs, Nice things like a home and car’s, Toy’s really.
Some other types of people like myself can define Success as more of something you’ve worked for, Success is something like a goal, Setting a type of goal and finally reaching it would mean being successful. Success can be put into any different senaryo

Task 2: Current Study Habits...
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