Aspirin: Control Measures to Reduce the Risks

Topics: White coat, Safety, Chemistry Pages: 8 (2013 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Making aspirin


In this assignment I will describe making aspirin by using Method 2.

Risk assessment:

|Hazardous chemical or | | | |microorganism being used or made, | | | |or hazardous procedure or |Nature of the hazard(s) |Control measure to reduce the risks | |equipment | | | |Ethanol |Harmful |Wear lab coat, goggles, and gloves to prevent solution touching skin. | | | |Wash out with water if it goes near eyes. | |Bunsen burner |Flammable |Use heat proof mat, tie long hair back. Keep the flame on yellow when | | | |not in use. | | | |Wash out mouth and give glass or two of water. Seek medical attention, | |Hydroxybenzoic acid |Harmful |wear eye protection | | | |Goggles can be worn to protect the eyes, lab coats can be worn to | |Ethanoic anhydride |Harmful |protect clothing and gloves can be worn to prevent touching of the | | | |liquid. | | | |Wear eye protection. Use solution no stronger than 1.5m | |Sulphuric acid | | | | |Corrosive | | |EDTA |Corrosive |Wear gloves, goggles, lab coat. | | | |Do not pout down the sink, after use give the solution to the | | | |teacher/supervisor to dispose of carefully. | | | |Make sure you never pick the broken pieces up with hands. Keep away if | |Glassware |Broken glass |the glass ware break and report it to the teacher. Keep the glass ware | | | |away from where it is prone to break. |

Decisions on how to work safely with hazardous substance are based on risk assessment. It is illegal to carry out a work activity involving hazardous substance without first writing a risk assessment. For this experiment I must use all equipment that is supplied by the teachers with the set of instructions. To keep away from any chemical hazardous I must wear lab coat, eye protection and gloves to keep myself away from any danger

It is important that careful consideration is given to any implication for health and safety. When starting any lab work in any laboratory labs health and safety legislations must be followed.

Equipment that will be needed for this experiment:

• Filter paper
• Ring stand with funnel...
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