Assessment Base Reading Instruciton Case Study

Topics: Educational psychology, Assessment, Reading Pages: 4 (773 words) Published: September 12, 2013
Tier II Case Study Project
ED5553 – Assessment-Based Reading Instruction
Winter, 2012

Table of Contents


Description of the Student

Background Information

PART 1: Administration of Assessments

DIBELS: A Universal Assessment Battery

Description and Purpose of the Assessment

Setting for the Assessment

Description of the Assessment Administration Process

Results of the Assessment

Analysis of the Assessment Results

Running Records

Description and Purpose of the Assessment
The running record allows you to record the child’s reading behavior as he or she reads from the book. The purpose of a running record is a tool used to determine word recognition reading fluency reading strategies, self- corrections, and comprehension. It is an individually conducted formative assessment which is ongoing and curriculum based. It provides a graphic representation of a student's oral reading, identifying patterns of effective and ineffective strategy use. This method was developed by Marie Clay, the originator of Reading Recovery. Running records helps document reading progress over time. Help teachers decide what students need to learn and matches students to appropriate books. We want to capture all the behaviors to help interpret what the child was probably doing. Everything the child says and does tells us something: when the reading is correct, what his hands and eyes were doing, the comments he made and when he repeated a line of text. Setting for the Assessment

Library setting, after school. This was the only time available.

Description of the Assessment Administration Process
Select a book that is the child’s reading level. Explain to the child that he or she will read out loud as you observe and record his or her reading behavior. Sit next to the child so that you can see the text and the child’s finger and eye movements as he or she reads the text. Use...

References: Appendices
Appendix A: DIBELS Scoring Documents
Appendix B: Running Records Scoring Documents
Appendix C: Reading Inventory Documents
Appendix D: Additional Assessment Documents
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