Assessment: Educational Psychology and Student

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There are different types of assessment they are formative, summative, self-assessment, peer assessment, formal and informal assessment to assess the students, but I use theory, depend on what I want the assessment to accomplish. Gravells (2009: p7) states, “Assessment is a regular process: it might not always be formalised, but you will be noticing what your students are doing, asking them questions, and go over their progress”. Though, effective assessment should take account of different learning styles, be constant in the method the same practices should be used with all students, by taken consideration of their thoughts, help classmates to assess their own lessons and develop formats for students to be able to assess teachers with sensitivity and share information across departments. During my practical session I use practical assessment for some task for a learning session according to the differentiation of the students. I do assess the student on basis of the problem solving competence. Assessment is a nonstop process starts with the student’s first assessment. Throughout the initial assessment procedure student are requisite to complete a basic skills test for numeracy, literacy and IT basic skills. The outcomes of this are feedback to the tutor and where needed they are offered support and help to increase their skills. Scales (2008 p195) states, “Feedback is an essential element in effecting communication between teachers and learners”. I use initial assessment to recognize a student current level of knowledge, it also gives me correct representation of the level of provision that they may need. As soon as the student have started on the course formal and informal considerations take place and a series of activities and practical examinations in order to assess their capability and provide more information that may be used to develop their learning development. Gravells (2009 p59) states, “All Learners need to know how they are progressing and...
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