Assessment of Classroom Learning

Topics: Educational psychology, Critical thinking, Assessment Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Assessment of Classroom Learning
Sandra Nasr

Assessment of Classroom Learning
The required readings for the course module of Constructing Measurement Tools to Assess Learning Outcomes offered diverse methods other than testing for evaluating classroom learning. Oermann and Gaberson (2009) discuss alternative approaches to assessment of classroom learning include but not limited to case method, case study, and unfolding cases. Other alternative choices are discussion, debate, media clips and short written assignments. When cases are used appropriately, the student develops problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Discussion techniques such as the Socratic method and debate serve purpose in evaluating learning. The Socratic method allows for the assessment of students’ critical thinking and encourages students to create some connections among ideas (Oermann and Gaberson, 2009). The assessment tool of debate in classroom learning encourages the instructor to assess students’ ability to alternative viewpoints of a subject while preparing for arguments for the position taken. Other methods discovered during researching include the use of a portfolio or concept maps. I am going to discuss the use of a portfolio in documenting learning. The use of portfolio learning encourages adult and reflective learning. Portfolio learning is a method of evaluating personal development and stimulates discussion in planning for forthcoming learning. A portfolio can be a collection of evidence that learning was achieved (Snadden and Thomas, 1998). Included in the portfolio is documentation of learning and articulation of what was learned. In nursing education at the undergraduate level the student can record events and experiences in the clinical setting, list critical review or articles read of a specified topic, teaching sessions attended, material for exam preparation and additional educational events attended. Written reflective entries and personal reflections...
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