Assessment Strategies

Topics: Educational psychology, Assessment, Formative assessment Pages: 10 (2443 words) Published: October 15, 2011
I. Paper-pencil Strategy
A. Definition:
Is an assessment in which the student is to identify the one correct answer; •Is a commonly used procedure for gathering formal evidences about student learning specifically in memory, recall, and comprehension; B. Purpose:

Test student learning of subject content knowledge (facts, concepts, principles or generalizations, procedures); •Assess prerequisite knowledge (e.g., when communicating in a second language , student can be assessed on vocabulary prior to a conservation in that language); C. Characteristics:

Can be administered to a large number of student at the same time; •Can be scored very quickly;
Is stated in clear, simple language.
D. Teachers Role:
Identifies the format(e.g., multiple choice, true or false); •Select the content to be covered;
Design the questions;
E. Consideration:
Is always influenced by the students ability to read and understand the items; •Can utilize computer and optical scanning technology to save time and effort with time development, item storage and retrieval, test printing and optical scan scoring; •Can make it more difficult to determine how the student arrived at answer with the true or false and multiple choice; F. Guidelines/Steps:

Listing topic areas/tasks
For each knowledge/ability qualification that will be assessed by the test, list the topic areas/tasks to be covered.

Specifying the response format, number of questions, the time limit and difficulty level. With a multiple-choice response format, a large number of different topic areas/tasks can be covered within the same test and the questions are easy to score. •Writing the questions and developing the scoring guide

The scoring guide for multiple-choice questions must include a scoring key indicating the correct answer and it may also include a rationale for or explanation of the correct answer. If marks are to be deducted for guessing, this must be determined and stated in the instructions to candidates •Reviewing the questions and scoring guide

II. Performance Based Strategy
A. Definition:
Is an assessment which requires student to demonstrate a skill or proficiency by asking them to produce or perform; •May be an observation of a student or a group of student performing a specific task to demonstrate skills and knowledge through open-ended “hands-on” activities; B. Purpose:

Provide an efficient means of assessment where the skill cannot be demonstrated with a pencil-paper test; •Enable learners to demonstrate abilities, skills, attitudes and behavior; •Provide information about the learners to organize draw on prior knowledge and experience, improvise, chose from a range of strategies, represent learning and make a decision to make a complete task; •Test skills in the affective, cognition, psychomotor and perceptual domains; C. Characteristics:

Can be diagnostic, formative or summative assessment;
Uses ongoing feedback;
Allows most learners to participate successfully in varying degrees; •Provide opportunities for learners to work individually as well as in small groups; •Focuses on the process as well as the product;

Provide context that have relevance to the student ;
Provide the most realistic assessment of job-related competencies; •Include task such as painting, speeches, musical presentation, research papers, investigation, athletic performance, project, exhibition and other product that requires student to construct a unique response to a task; D. Teachers Role:

Observes a student or a group of student performing a specific task; •Shares with a student the responsibility of developing and organizing the performance task and assessment criteria; •Assigns a level of proficiency based on the performance;

E. Consideration:
Provide an excellent way to assess reasoning skills;
Must have clearly defined criteria for the assessment;
F. Guidelines/Steps:
Determine the purpose for the...
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