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Assessment of Best Practices in Fairgrounds
and Amusement Parks in Relation to
Safety of Consumers

Final Report
prepared for
European Commission
Health & Consumer Protection Directorate-General

March 2005

Final Report – March 2005
prepared for
European Commission
Health & Consumer Protection Directorate-General
Risk & Policy Analysts Limited,
Farthing Green House, 1 Beccles Road, Loddon, Norfolk, NR14 6LT, UK Tel: +44 1508 528465 Fax: +44 1508 520758
Project: Ref/Title

J465 – Fairgrounds Best Practices


In accordance with Contract

Report Status:

Final Report

Prepared by:

Carolyn George, Consultant
Jan Vernon, Business Development Director
Meg Postle, Director
Tobe Nwaogu, Researcher
Rocio Salado, Researcher

Approved for issue by:

Pete Floyd, Director


8 March 2005

If printed by RPA, this report is published on chlorine free, 100% recycled paper. While RPA considers that the information and opinions given in this report are sound, the report is based on assumptions and information that are subject to uncertainties. Due to such uncertainties and because events may not occur as expected, there is a possibility that the results presented in this report will be different from situations which occur in the future.

This report has been prepared for the client in accordance with the associated contract and RPA will accept no liability for any loss or damage arising out of the provision of the report to third parties.

Risk & Policy Analysts


A large body of Community legislation has been established in the area of consumer product safety and liability for defective products. However, there is currently no general community legislation to address the safety risks for consumer services, with the exception of the transport sector.

The Directorate-General for Health and Consumer Protection has commissioned Risk & Policy Analysts to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the best practices for consumer safety in fairgrounds and amusement parks in the EU-15. As set out in the Specification (see Annex 1), the objectives of the study are to undertake: •

a comparative analysis of these existing non-regulatory measures, including their effectiveness; and


an identification and description of existing non-regulatory measures aiming at consumer safety in fairgrounds and amusement parks;

a presentation of different options for improvement of existing non-regulatory measures.

Amusement Parks and Fairgrounds
During the last 20 years there has been a growth in large amusement parks with ever more extreme rides. There are now rides with speeds of over 170 km/hr and those with falls of over 100 metres. Estimates of the number of amusement parks in the EU range from 180 to 320, depending on the definition, which receive nearly 300 million visitors per year. In addition, there are numerous travelling fairs which, perhaps, involve over 60,000 travelling families.

For the purposes of this study, the term ‘amusement park’ encompasses theme parks and amusement parks, as well as water parks, unless otherwise specified, and thus refers to fixed sites. The term ‘fairground’ applies to sites where mobile, travelling fairs set up their rides for a limited amount of time.

The European industry is divided into three key sectors:

ride manufacturers, represented by the European Association for the Amusement Supplier Industry (EAASI);
amusement parks, represented by the European Federation of Leisure Parks (Europarks); and
travelling fairs, represented by the European Showmen’s Union (ESU/UFE).

It is of note that these associations do not provide complete coverage of all the EU-15...
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